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WaterWe can only survive three to five days without water.
It’s more precious than petroleum.
Crops need it, critters need it.

We have to face facts and rework our entire relationship with water. Our snowfall was just 87% of normal this past winter – continuing its downward trajectory. Rainfall has decreased and fish are dying.

While water is down, human population is up, with the count doubling from 50 years ago. Temperatures are climbing: 15 of the 16 warmest years have been in this century.

What can we do to make the most of the dwindling supplies?

  1. Intentionally use less.
  a. Inside conservation and upgrading of appliances
b. Garden with native and water sipping plants
c. Adopt rainfall catchment system. The ancients did this, why can’t we?
d. Utilize graywater systems
  2. Check for leaks by performing a water meter test. On average, 10,000 gallons of water are leaked from homes annually.
  3. Plant trees in yards and along streets for shade, cooling and less evaporation from the soil. Trees provide habitat and food for critters, they also add to a neighborhood’s beauty and real estate values.
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